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Emerald Productions


When her father suddenly disappears on a camping trip to visit her mother’s grave, Shelley meets a mysterious family living on the edge of the forest.  With no memory of who she is or what happened to her father, Shelley is drawn into the family's seductive world. But events take a sinister turn when Shelley begins to uncover the family's disturbing secrets. In order to escape the increasingly dangerous commune, Shelley is forced to confront the shocking truth behind her father's disappearance - and with it, her our troubled past.

Bluebelle is a dark, mythical journey into the mind of a young woman struggling with loss, trauma and awakening sexual desire. A psychological horror, Bluebelle explores the traumatised mind as it translates - and sometimes perverts - the truth in order to accept reality.

FORMAT: Feature Film
GENRE: Psychological Thriller
STAGE: In development (Third Draft)
WRITER/DIRECTOR: Vanessa Gazy (Foal, Highway)

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