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Stuck in the angst of wondering who she is and what she is meant to be doing with her life Loz, a 25 year-old aspiring playwright, finally thinks she's found the answer to all her issues.  

Its name is Dave.

FORMAT: Feature Film  
GENRE: Comedy  
STAGE: Completed
CAST: Sarah Gaul, Kendra Murphy, Julia Robertson and Marshall Campbell

Streaming on Netflix

In the vein of Girls, Hot Mess is a hilarious, honest and ultimately touching look at the insecurities and angst of life for twenty-somethings. Hot Mess is a fresh, brave comedy that launches - with a bang - the film careers of a group of talented young artists. Made on a shoestring it is the debut feature from writer-director Lucy Coleman. Lucy's extremely sharp, authentic and subversive screenplay is brought to life with brilliant performances from its young cast. In particular, Hot Mess introduces an exciting actress in Sarah Gaul as Loz. A hugely talented musical comedian and star in the making, Sarah has appeared at the Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne Comedy Festival, Melbourne Cabaret Festival and featured in the top ten FRESH acts at this year's Sydney Comedy Festival.

Official Selection – Seattle International Film Festival 2017

Official Selection – For Films Sake Festival 2017

Hot Mess
Hot Mess
Hot Mess
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