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Nick is a young quadriplegic struggling to come to terms with his injury. While waiting for his girlfriend in a carpark, he witnesses a brutal crime. Trapped in his car, he finds himself face to face with the violent perpetrator. His desire to survive is put to the test. Starring Lucas Pittaway (Snowtown)Spine is a taut, suspenseful drama about power, fear and fighting for your life.

FORMAT: Short Film  
GENRE: Drama
STAGE: Completed
WRITER: Sophie Miller, based on an idea by Tony Ayres
DIRECTOR: Sophie Miller (At The TattooistHalf Windsor
CAST: Lucas Pittaway, Daniel Webber, Sara West, Andy Ryan, Matt Zeremes.

WINNER: Erwin Rado Award for Best Australian Short Film, Melbourne International Film Festival 2012.

WINNER: Best Australian Fiction, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Editor, World of Women Festival 2013.

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